Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Down at Frazzle Rock

I've now been a doctor for two weeks. It's not been the best two weeks of my life. I am totally frazzled, exhausted and mentally drained.
The on call weekend was 38 hours work in three days, much of it on my own; the three other doctors away on other wards, at emergencies, and in operating theatre. There was too much work for one F1 junior doctor to manage, including emergency assessments patients of my own. Some pushy nurses didn't help, but kind and helpful nurses can make all the difference.
I'm sure it will get better. I'll improve my clinical skills (like blood taking and cannulation - I haven't had a single successful cannula yet), learn to see patients more quickly - hopefully without spending less valuable time with patients, learn to call for help more promptly and to recognise when I need help. And learn to take a break, drink, and eat lunch. I didn't eat til 5.30pm the other day, having started at 8am.
It will get better, at some point.
This week's been good, however. More SHOs (slightly less junior doctors) means work is spread more evenly and I leave work at a sensible time. Long may that continue.                          
* Frazzled = exhausted, knackered, not burnt out but going in that direction.
Fraggle Rock = muppets-like TV show. I was once told I look like a Fraggle...                                          
The picture isn't a Fraggle, but it's near enough!

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