Friday, 27 July 2012

Another obligatory introductory post

Hello, I'm trying to be a very junior doctor. I've just finished five years of medical school with two extra years (the scenic route), and for the last nearly two years I've been Trying to be a medical student. However that's no longer an appropriate blog title, since I'm no longer a medical student... so welcome to Trying to be a junior doctor.

It's called this because years ago my younger sister (about whom I blog now and then) said told someone I was "trying to be a doctor" when she meant training to be a doctor. It's kind of stuck. And of course, because I am a junior doctor, and I can’t do that without trying. I’m hoping that sometimes I’ll succeed, but even when I don’t, I’ll still be trying (hard) to be a good junior doctor.

So here's where I'll blog about any struggles and more interesting aspects of life as a (very) junior doctor, and anything particularly interesting about the National Health Service, hospitals, patient care and research.

I also like to blog about other things that might be interesting and are relevant to me - there's more to me than just medicine! This might include: feminism and gender, autism, disability and my sister, maybe politics, my other half (who is NOT a medic!) and the newly long-distance relationship, and potentially anything else that takes my interest, in addition to the medical side of things.

I may yet make occasional posts over at Trying to be a medical student, if anything particularly student-related comes up. I’ve got a few revision course reviews and textbook reviews that have a been a long time coming, and the student blog is probably the best place for them.

As before, I blog anonymously, and will publish a separate post explaining this (link to follow). I therefore don’t write about the exact place that I’m working, other than that it’s in England, or the medical school that I trained at, which was also in England. That’s all you’re getting!

I have no intention of becoming a whistle-blower, or of highlighting problems. I just blog about what I do and what I see and my thoughts about it all.

I fully anticipate that the next few weeks and months of being a very junior doctor will be challenging and trying, so bear with me. Welcome to the blog, and do have a read of the previous blog if you haven’t already.


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